Swedish street artist Shai Dahan spent the past week in Gdansk, Poland creating this mural for the Monumental Art Festival. Enlisting the help of his brother Guy Dahan, the artist painted a faceless pilot that stands 35-meters-high and 12.5-meters-wide (approximately 12 stories), his largest work to date. The pilot's face and uniform feature a cosmic pattern of whites, greens, and blues with black and white speckling throughout, and little blue and yellow birds are perched on his shoulders and arm. 

Coincidentally, Dahan learned while making the mural that it overlooks a section of Gdansk that used to be an airport and the mural itself is located on "Pilot Road." Check out the images above of Shai Dahan at work and of the completed mural, and head over to his Facebook page for more photos as well daily video diaries of the process.

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