Rick Ross might be rich forever and wear a shitload of Versace, but that doesn't stop him for style fails, too. Recently, it was exposed that Ross hadn't paid a Texas jeweler for three watches that totaled $90,000.

But his recent short-coming isn't in the failure to give someone the proper funds, or is it? The MMG boss went to Instagram this afternoon and posted a picture of himself a pair of red Versace loafers, which are stunt-worthy, that he wore with an un-buttoned white shirt—typical fare for the Miami rapper. But he also wore a pair of tan leather pants that were way, way too long.

Maybe he forgot to pay the tailor? Whatever the case may be, at his size, we're guesing that Ross' pants were bespoke. Jokes aside, if Ross cleans up this situation, where the throne he's sitting on doesn't make him look like it's made out of porcelain, this is an incredibly fresh 'fit.

[via richforever]