Legions of Rick Owens fans and street goths were happy to know that the American designer was hosting a pop-up event in New York City's SoHo for about three months. Presumably, many of them cleared their scheduled when the news was announced a little over a week ago. The New York Times recently caught up with Owens to discuss said pop-up. 

Appropriately called DRKSHDW, the space is located at 70-72 Wooster St. and houses pieces from DRKSHDW, Owens' diffusion line, which he says is reminiscent of "workers' uniforms from an Art Deco prison," as he told the New York Times in an interview. 

“I like reducing things to what’s essential,” he said. “I like erasing the unnecessary, doing things shorthand and getting to the point.”

When asked about why he opened the pop-up, he said he wanted to try and introduce the line to a different neighbourhood in the city. "I'm more into fun now," Owens told The Times. "I feel a little more confident or comfortable, but definitely not complacent. I feel like I can afford to be a little more playful now." 

Head here to check out the full article and to see photos of the shop.  

The pop-up will be be open until Oct. 26. 

[via NY Times]