Cue the "I went to a street goth party and a Rick Owens pop-up shop broke out" jokes, because it's actually happening. The American designer, who calls Paris home, is showing the U.S. some love and setting up a pop-up shop at 70-72 Wooster St., New York City. The event will run from July 16 through October 26, giving the hungry A$AP fans, or just those who like an all-black or white aesthetic, a chance to cop their share of DRKSHDW pieces from the brand.

But if you're not in NYC, it's cool, too. Owens will also be running a pop-up event in London that will take place starting September 4 through October 13.

Owens is dubbing the limtied-time shops "Ephemere," or French for lasting shortly. Even though these are extended events, expect there to be a large buzz around anything Rick Owens. if you see a concentration of people dressing like the apocalypse happened in the City, now you'll know why.

[via WWD]