Why Retro Style Is Overrated

Thrifting is usually more trouble than it's worth.

The most accessible way to score throwback style is to head to your local thrift shop. But who has time for that? Thrifting can be a full-time job; a time-consuming hobby that more-often-than-not yields little to no results. You’ll sift through endless piles of Little League T-shirts from 1993, Ralph Lauren dress shirts that come down to your knees, and eons of used underwear and socks. It’s cool to have a few thrifted pieces in your wardrobe to say, “yeah, that’s vintage,” but when everything you own was purchased second-hand the work of digging up the goods outweighs the benefits. Unless you want to have your own show on the History Channel, we suggest you score your low-budget threads from great sales rather than your neighbor’s grandfather’s closet.

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