The Aaron Hernandez murder allegations are sickening to everyone, not just those in the sports world, but some people in the sports memorabilia world are profiting off selling the former New England Patriot's jerseys for a high profit. This is what folks refer to as "blood money."

But there has been a backlash amongst Boston area sports memorabilia sellers who feel the profiting off someone's misfortune is an immoral deed, TMZ reports. "We don't want to make money off this incident. It's what we consider blood money. We just want to get our money back," a Saugus, Mass. sports memorabilia store owner told the news site.

However, they're still selling the jerseys, just at retail price. A Manchester, N.H. store reported that it has sold more Hernandez jerseys the first day of the news than it sold the past six months.

Rightfully so, it was a disappointing year for the Patriots, but New Englanders love their Pats—so much, that they don't want to disgrace their team, even in the face of tragedy, to turn a quick buck.

[via TMZ]