Few might be aware, but Will.i.am, when he's not feuding with Pharrell, has serious cred in L.A.'s underground hip-hop scene that dates back to pre-Fergie Black Eyed Peas records. Unfortunately, his style, and penchant for doing the most, isn't part of that legacy.

The rapper's style is a great example of why toning things down is never a bad idea. There are moments when Will.i.am's style looks like it will catch on, but his ensembles are too busy. He wears over-accessorizes and every item looks to be a statement piece. If the rapper/producer left items in his jewelery box, or didn't paint himself in black body paint, he could maybe be accepted back into the hip-hop community. Not that he cares anyway—he makes millions off writing songs for Britney Spears.