Newly crowned CFDA winners Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne are not resting on their laurels. Both might be busy on future Public School collections, but the co-designers are not closed off to doing collaborations either.

All summer long W Hotels is hosting a musical soundclash where DJ’s and live bands will battle it out to see who the best of the best is in the Rotten Apple. The two have been tapped to design a series of denim jackets for the musical soundclash series. The duo looked towards the cult classic “The Warriors” for inspiration, and they executed each piece perfectly too look like it came straight from 1979.

There will be eight vests total designed under the Black Apple label featuring rad patches on the back. You won’t need to put in initiation work to earn your top and bottom rockers, the W Gangs of New York Denim Collection are now available exclusively at W Hotels around NYC. Extra points if you find some pins for some added flare.

[via Freshnessmag]