Palace don't fuck up collaborations. With Umbro, the lo-fi skate wizards flipped the England kit from Italia 90 and reminded us of the time Gazza cried on pitch. It was textbook—looks cool today, borrows smoothly from yesterday and tugs on the heartstrings of a nostalgic set of boozers without alienating new jack Hypebeasts.

In their recent Reebok collaboration, Palace has essential upped the ante on JD Sports and accented the pub classics with a little bit of branding. Sure, Stevie Williams and DGK flipped the Workout for skate first, but nothing resonated there. Now, we're getting four clean sneakers that remind us of Mike Skinner and help us forget about that appalling ode to the Classic performed by the Mitchell Brothers. Geezers can now easily one-up other geezers down the bar.

The shoe also reminds of this important fact: The adidas Campus, Nike Air Force One, Reebok Workout and Vans Authentic are the only sneakers that are always cool.