6. Fuck For The Heir Puppy Bear! by Voina, 2008

Before Pussy Riot was Pussy Riot, they were members of the Russian performance art troupe called Voina. Among a handful of politically-driven public works and performances, their protest of the 2008 election of President Dmitry Medvedev stands out as perhaps the most subversive. This action took place in the Moscow Biological Museum, near a stuffed bear. Five couples undressed and had sex in the hall. It was first covered by a few bloggers and photographers but gained significant media attention following the arrest of Pussy Riot. One of the participants, Alexei Plutser-Sarno, described it not as radical but simply honest. "This is a portrait of pre-election Russia: everybody fucks each other, and the puppy bear," their nickname for Medvedev, "looks at that with an unconcealed scorn," Pluster-Sarno said of the work.

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