45. Power Toilets by SUPERFLEX, 2004 onward

As a continuing part of the Danish collective, SUPERFLEX's exploration of the international financial crisis, they bring you: Power Toilets. The project began in 2004 with a commission from the Dutch DRFTWD office associates, and what became was a close collaboration between SUPERFLEX and NEZU AYMO architects. These two thoughtful and creative forces later completed a working replica of the restroom of United Nations Security Council headquarters in New York, which they installed in Park van Luna in Heerhugowaard, the Netherlands. SUPERFLEX's continuing project has also made its way to the Olympic Restaurant in New York City. Both Power Toilets are open for public use and confront an unsuspecting audience with an unassuming politicized space. The Power Toilets brings up questions regarding the façade of neutrality that these benign places present and the possible coded and overlooked political statements that they hold within them.

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