12. Face2Face as a part of the Inside Out Project: Time is Now: Yalla! by JR, 2007

French artist street artist JR's piece Face2Face is a part of his continuing Inside Out Project (stemming from the artist's vow to 'Use art to turn the world Inside Out'). This particular installment, Time is Now, Yalla! draws on the commonalities between the divided populaces of Israel and Palestine. The title itself jump-starts the cultural bridge with the word "Yalla"—an Arabic word used by both Israelis and Palestinians to mean "let's go." JR and his team set up four photo booths in four cities: Bethlehem and Ramallah (in Palestine) and Tel Aviv and Haifa (in Israel). Palestinians and Israelis are invited to visit the photo booths, and for the price of a personal statement, the visitor receives a large-format portrait that they can paste anywhere they wish. The artist said of his work: 'Everyone can tell a story through art, and the time is now to listen to break down barriers to expression and give people the tools to be seen and heard.'

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