33. The Roof Garden Commission by Imran Qureshi, 2013

This work of political commentary comes from Pakistani artist, Imran Qureshi, who proffers a rather humanistic reaction to the violence he has encountered in his own life. Just last month, Qureshi debuted his first large-scale installation in the United States on the Metropolitan Museum of Art's rooftop. Splatters of rich red paint sprawl across the 8,000 square foot concrete surface, and upon first glance resemble blood spatter. But with a little bit a patience, petals, feathers, vines and wings begin to appear. Qureshi's formal training in the tradition of miniature painting formally weaves together the disparate splashes and pools of paint, and makes the work not about violence as an end, but rather as Ken Johnson of the New York Times puts it: "From death grows life; from horror comes transcendence; hope emerges from despair."

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