10. Shark by David Cerny, 2005

In a work that was banned from exhibition in both Belgium and Poland, Czech artist David Cerny created an image of Saddam Hussein bound and suspended in formaldehyde. Beyond the actively political suppression of the work, because, as one Belgian mayor said, "that certain population groups would find the work too provocative," Cerny's piece raises questions of how history is perceived. Do we simply let the cultural narrative write itself? Do the victors always get the last word? Is the toppling of tyranny frozen in stasis? In terms of Saddam's narrative in the West, history appears to be the history of domination. He's preserved and yet still captive and in dialogue with the audience. The was piece was in direct response to the 1991 Damien Hirst work The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living.

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