15. Case History by Boris Mikhailov, 1997-1998, 2011

With the fall of the Soviet Union came a loss of ideals, hope, and stability. Photographer Mikhailov set out to capture the effects of the economic collapse of the USSR on those left on the streets in Kharkov. The resulting images are chilling and rich, documenting a sub-working class left out in the cold by a bifurcated economic gap. Because of the luxury that had sprung up in the city's center, the divide between there and the destitute outskirts was never as shockingly highlighted as in Mikhailov's work. "The rich and the homeless-the new classes of a new society-this was, as we had been taught, one of the features of capitalism," reads the show's introduction. The series first showed in the U.S. at the Museum of Modern Art in 2011, a moment primed for the divisive commentary, following a stateside economic collapse.

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