14. My Neck is Thinner Than a Hair: Engines by Atlast Group, 1996 - 2004

Lebanese-born artist Walid Raad is the founder of the Atlas Group. But the Atlas Group, is actually a fictional collective made up of only one member: Walid Raad. His works for the Atlas Group include photography and video as well as written components. The collective was created in order to research and document contemporary Lebanese history, and the materials of the group are usually presented through lectures including film, photography, video and installation. The materials generated by Raad are meant to establish an alternative perspective to mainstream history that often conflates fiction with fact. His 2009 installation at the Reina Sofia in Madrid consisted of a collection of many of his works created over the span of the 15-years, which is coincidentally the duration of the Lebanese Civil War as well as the life of the Atlas Group. One example of work (titled, My Neck is Thinner Than a Hair: Engines) features 100 photographs taken at scenes where various extremist groups detonated car bombs during the country's Civil War.

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