Dresses like: A '90s boy band member
Popular song:
 "They Don't Know"Signed by Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds, Jon B has wrote songs for major artists including Tony Braxton and Michael Jackson just to name a few. When he broke out as a solo artist he has had Tupac and Nas featured on his tracks. There weren't that many white R&B artists back in the '90s doing what he did.

As for his style, the title of his latest album "Comfortable Swagg" is what best describes it. Loose fitting everything is what you could mostly find him in. This included jeans, shirts with the top button open, blazers, and the ultimate crooner essential: a fedora. If he had to dress up, his tailored suit game was always on point. To top that off, his shape-up and chinstrap beard was always trimmed to a laser-sharp precision.