There are some items you purchase in the summertime, for the fall, that make you contemplate if you can brave the onslaught of heat in them. A leather jacket is one of those purchases. It's tough to buy a new leather jacket and not feel tempted to wear it out—even if it's 80 degrees outside.

MKI Black has brought back another round of its first couple drops for the season, with a lookbook attached. The leather jackets are tailored and feature a modern approach to the rebel style. There are no frivolous details, just a cut that can be worn any season.

Although it's daring to wear them right now, if the nights cool down, or even if they don't, there's nothing more middle-finger-up than saying, "my style doesn't change for the weather."

If this is your mentality, the drops are now available at the brand's e-commerce site