This robotic arm named e-David (Drawing Apparatus for Vivid Image Display) may be the most incredible and potentially terrifying invention ever. While it isn't the first painting robot, it is the only one we know of that can choose from five brushes and 24 colors, cleans the brushes itself, and takes pictures of the canvas so that it can access the areas that need more paint. The paintings that e-David produces would be great if a human painted them, so the fact that it was made by a robot and some software is insane. Oh yeah, and it has the ability to sign its name...backwards!

Click here to view the project page and learn more about how it all works, and check out this video of e-David in action and feel bad about your own abilities. Let's hope they don't decide to blend this technology with one of those creepy sprinting robots or we are all doomed:

e-David Robot Painting from eDavid on Vimeo.

[via VimeoStaffPicks/Gizmodo]

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