Denmark's Soulland put together a S/S 14 collection that did a pretty great job of mixing quality outerwear, knitwear and graphics, solidifying the brand as one of the best labels successfully bridging the gap between streetwear and menswear. The white crewneck printed with some sort of Marilyn Manson looking graphic is pretty fucking creepy in the best way possible. We may not be able to comprehend everything, but this wouldn't be the first time we've dug something we didn't completely understand. Other favorites include a grey marbled crewneck sweater, boasting a stitched "Soulland" across the front to let everyone know who you're repping and a perfectly flecked "Katastrophe" joint because we're not sure any piece of clothing more accurately sums up Market Week as a whole. Oh yeah, a navy shawl collar varsity/bomber? Outstanding.

Photography by Greg Babcock