There are plenty of awesome women who can pull off menswear, and you can add Lyonstate’s Reba Cunningham on that list. The founder of Alabama men’s store has a penchant for tomboy style, which translates pretty well into what she chooses to stock in her store. The shop carries a hefty offering of menswear favorites that’s hard to find anywhere else in the south. And hanging amongst the racks is also the shop’s in-house brand.

This season, Lyonstate heads into rural backwoods to show off its spring/summer 2013 collection. Weather down there can get pretty hot and sticky, so if there’s anything they know how to do well, it’s to stay cool. Offerings include button-ups, shorts, and slacks. Chambray and woven fabrics like gingham keep the sweat from building up. And they also have some sweet canvas shorts, but the fabric is far from itchy, instead, it can only be described as “baby-butt soft.” Do you need them? Yes. Visit the Lyonstate website to shop.