Maison Martin Margiela, the designer and brand have been fairly private thus far—word is, MMM only communicated with press through a fax machine. So old school. Which is why only a select few have seen or been invited to the fashion house's headquarters. Luckily, we came across these photos from the aforementioned headquarters, courtesy of Ivania Carpio, a blogger from the Netherlands, who received a tour of Margiela's rarely seen offices. 

After seeing the images, one thing came to mind: This is definitely Margiela. The space is minimalistic. Everything is white, from lamps to a painted couch. Much like any MMM garment, the brand's office has been removed of all logos—even those on the computers were covered. As they say, a house reflects the owner's personality. 

Click through the thumbs above for a look at where Kanye West's Margiela sneakers are designed. 

[via Love Aesthetics]