Japanese artist Rie Hosokai has gained recognition in the past for the "Daisy Balloon" project, featuring dresses made out of balloons. The artist has built another garment using unconventional materials—this time, a wedding dress made of only LEGO bricks. The dress' contours create depth and shade in just the right places, resulting in flattering curves created from rigid blocks. The work was created for the "Piece of Peace" exhibition at the Parco Museum in Tokyo.

Although the dress definitely does not seem too comfortable or easy to put on or do anything in, it is an incredible sculpture on its own. Commenting on the idea of collective beauty to Design Taxi, Hosokai said, "[The] knowledge that bonds different people together seems to appear suddenly, but in reality it is already coded into our planet, our universe. We construct things from the most basic building blocks. What are we to discover from this process?"

[via Design Taxi]

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