If you don't know about Justin R. Saunders' wordless blog JJJJound, get familiar. His mood board of images emailed between friends was basically Tumblr before the platform existed. Of course, the blog still captivates a sizable community of designers and aesthetic enthusiasts. 

In the video above, Saunders discusses his unorthodox exhibition "Correspondence" hosted by HVW8 Gallery. The mood boards were recreated by members of the Wushipu Oil Painting Village in Xiamen, China, known for their skills in reproducing paintings. He hadn't seen the paintings until he arrived in L.A., but the skilled painters of the village gave his project a whole new life.

What's dope about the exhibition is that it combines painting and technology, exploring new potential terrain in the art world. Saunders also expands on that point, highlighting social media and its ability to move the art world into the hands of individuals.

The gallery previously held a mixed media exhibition entitled "Home & Away" in late May with works by photographer Lisa Leone, deconstructive visual artist Alessandro Moroder, and collage artist Hassan Rahim

[via HVW8Gallery]