Apparently, Jay Z (shout outs to the dude who made a Craigslist ad for Jay Z's hyphen BTW) is rumored to be collaborating with upscale department store Barneys. If this is true, this means that, once again, Jay Z will have seemingly jacked an idea of Kanye's and bastardized it to become something incredibly lucrative. This time around, Jay is obviously appropriating the concept of Yeezy's recent A.P.C. capsule collection.

It's hard to say exactly when Mr. Carter started looking to Kanye for aesthetic inspiration, but his recent interest in high-fashion following Kanye's assent to superstar status is pretty transparent. Look, I'm not here to tell Hova what he can and can't do, it's just sad to see the G.O.A.T act so shamelessly. In Jay Z's current world, both clever and artistic ideas only seem to exist in the name of profiteering. This is most obviously apparent in his Samsung deal for Magna Carta Holy Grail and, if it comes to pass, I doubt this new Barneys collaboration will be any different

Making money isn't inherently a bad thing. I love money. You love money. We all love money. However, that doesn't mean I have to sit here and laud someone like Jay for doing a good job of it when I don't respect the final product. And, yes, nobody knows what the fuck that final product will look like in this case. If his personal style is any indication, I'm not holding my breath.

I legitimately believe Kanye when he says that he wants to change to world. With Jay Z it feels like he's only saying that to distract me, so he can dig through my pockets and look for loose change.