Mentioned In: "Picasso Baby"
Lyrics: "I just want a Picasso, in my casa/No, my castle,” “What’s it gon take/For me to go/For you to see/I’m the modern day Pablo/Picasso, baby"
Notable Accomplishment: Picasso is known as the father of cubism. Nude, Green Leaves, and Bust broke the Christie’s auction record in 2010, selling for $106.5 million.

As Jay explained to an obscenely comfortable Rick Rubin in that commercial, “Picasso Baby” is all about insatiability, and the hollow pursuit of material things, contextualized by those in his tax bracket’s obsession with obtaining pricey fine art. It’s not enough to have a freaking Picasso in the crib, the crib has to be palatial. With that concept in mind, the song is also an excuse for Jigga to go dumb on art name-drops—the song houses most references on not only the whole album, but of any song in his catalog to date. Is it unabashedly boastful? Of course, it’s no coincidence that right after that first bar he says “I’m an asshole.”

Later, when the beat changes up, Jay’s theme also shifts gears when he declares himself the Rap Game Father of Cubism. He displays a keen awareness on what both detractors and even former fans think of him these days: “Old man, just stop/I could, if I would, but I can’t/I’m hot.” Twelve albums later, what’s it going to take for you to realize he’s been giving you Pablo-level art this entire time?

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