By now you're all familiar with the Kanye West's album Yeezus and the whole "Please Add Graffiti" marketing campaign. There was also the Tumblr fanpage Yeezy Graffiti started by Leighton McDonald that collected custom Yeezus art from people around the world.

Today, Kanye tweeted this link to an awesome idea by the folks over at GQ. They took some of those promo posters and sent them to five artists so that they could create their own artwork for the album. James Franco, ESPO, Curtis Kulig, Wil Fry, and Mister Cartoon got busy and approached the challenge in very different ways. Check out their work above and head over to GQ for a lot more pictures and explanations from the artists.

[via GQ]

Also check out James Franco on Complex TV's Pop Culture below.

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