Smoking indoors is just about banned everywhere, and the new wave taking over is inhaling flavored vapors thanks to personal vaporizers that can be used inside. Just think of it as a your own private hookah, but the size of a pen.

Grenco Science has tapped HUF for its latest artist series collaborations. As far as we know, this is the first streetwear and vaporizer collaboration ever. The HUF x G Flask twofer is a combination that includes a stainless steel 3 oz flask with a microG portable vaporizer and USB charger hidden inside. And when not in use, it comes with a fake book you can store it into.

So far vaporizers have been a substitute for tobacco smokers who have been trying to quit, and this collaboration we didn’t see coming. But if you’re about that vape life, visit the Grenco Science website to purchase.