Check out Hov's new favorite shirt from Theory. I feel like I always see Jay-Z rocking the same shit multiple times. For a rapper and straight up 500 millionaire this is fucking mindbogglingly. Do some light Googling and, would you look at that, Mr. Carter also loves him the same pair of Baldwin camo pants. He wore those joints on at least 4 separate occasions. FOUR OCCASIONS? DO YOU GUYS REMEMBER WHEN DAME DASH WOULD WEAR A BRAND NEW PAIR OF SOCKS EVERY DAY? EVERY DAY! Look, there’s nothing wrong with having a personal uniform. Or wearing the same item of clothing more than once. But we're not talking about you and me. We're talking about motherfucking Jay-Z. Sure, he kinda has wack style, but we're only hard on him because dude is in his 40's, rocking Yeezy’s and camo like he's in his 14's. And if he is going to insist on wearing the same shit all the time, it needs to be befitting of the dude that laid out the blueprint. Like, if homie cut a neckhole in an original Basquiat and wore that shit like a poncho for a week straight, that would make sense. But the "Feynold Wealth Shirt" from Theory? There is absolutely nothing wealthy about a shirt that costs $185 at Nordstrom. When Jay-Z starts shopping at the mall you know Hip-Hop is dead. Somebody chirp Nas and tell him he was only seven years late.

Okay, so Jay's style isn’t terrible, it just reminds us all of the inevitability that there will be years in our lives when giant gold chains and white shirts with an air tie will make us look lame instead of awesome. JIGGA IS A PURE REFLECTION OF OUR AGING PROCESS, YOU GUYS. I always assumed that being disgustingly rich would somehow subvert the inevitable corniness of middle age, but if Hovito can’t escape it, how will we with our regular ass salaries and non-popstar wives?

Lead image courtesy of GQ.