With today’s sockless-set running the streets, it’s hard to find someone out there who cares about ankle protection anymore. But socks, as you all know, can easily turn a so-so outfit into a winner. Just ask the 41st President of the United States George H.W. Bush. He maybe be 89, but he still knows how to have fun, and his grandpa-steez is upped a notch thanks to a mean sock game.

The former Commander-In-Chief always has his feet covered in wild colors and fun prints while keeping the rest of his look casual. From the Stars and Stripes to a pair of festive jump-offs, he has them all. He comes correct with his solids, too. From funky lavenders to bright pinks, these aren’t the white tube joints you most often see on the AARP card-carrying set. We have a feeling that if you told him pink is for girls, he will straight son you, and put you in your rightful place. H-Dub, there are some Cam’ron socks that’s calling your name.

[via Time]