Weight loss programs and magical diet pills probably bombard your inbox everyday offering the fastest and easiest way to lose some pounds. While countries like the U.S. promote healthy eating, and New York even going as far as banning certain soda sizes, Dubai is taking a different approach.

Under it’s new “Your Weight in Gold” program, participants are rewarded with a gram of gold for every kilo—about 2.2 lbs—of weight lost. Starting today those who have registered will be weighed for a month until the contest ends August 16. Contestants have to lose at least two kilograms during the month to qualify for the gold. Which, if that is your maximum goal, will earn you a cool two grams of gold worth about $82.

There is more to this weight loss program to encourage participants to lose more weight. No it’s not a giant sized cronut waiting at the end of the completion. Instead, the three people who have dropped the most pounds will be entered in a drawing. The winner of that drawing will get rewarded with gold coins worth $5,400.

The gold is cool and all, but the best part of this competition is not being embarrassed in front of national T.V. while you’re filmed shirtless stepping on a giant scale.

[via CNN]