Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but dressing up everyday doesn't mean you're styling on eveyone. There's a good chance your personal style sucks if you feel the need to knot-up a tie just to brush your teeth. There's a right time and place for putting on formalwear, but being "fully-dressed" doesn't mean that you're at your steeziest.

There are elements you can take from dressing up and apply them to your 'fit, but worrying about tailoring, dry cleaning, and getting too fat for your well-fitting clothes is more of a hassle than looking like Don Draper is worth. Also, you run the risk of alienating your friends and coming off as a profound asshole; neither of which are pleasant options. 

We're not saying you should dress like the Brooklyn Brawler, but keep things relaxed. You'll feel more comfortable, and at the end of the day, you'll act like yourself if you're not constantly attempting to impress others. If you're feeling us on this, or you need a reason to hang up your tuxedo, here are 10 Reasons Why Dressing Up Is Overrated.

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