Do you love leather, but feel bad about the adorable animals that have to give up their skin for you to look like a stud? Or maybe you don’t feel that bad for the cows because, I mean, look at a Shake Shack line—how many fucking cows had to die for those delicious tiny hamburgers? But maybe, then again, your friends make you feel bad with their vegetarian lifestyles, trying to tell you that eating and wearing meat isn’t "natural" and shit. FUCK THOSE DUDES. YOU DON’T CONSTANTLY REMIND THEM THAT EVOLUTIONARY SCIENTISTS BELIEVE ANIMAL PROTEIN IS HOW WE DEVELOPED AMAZING NEURAL NETWORKS IN OUR BRAINS. At the end of the day, getting combative with people who are nice enough to share their HBO GO password with you can get awkward, which is why this "leather" windbreaker from Our Legacy is the move. For some reason, Tres Bien calls this "real fake leather." I have no fucking clue what that means, I just know that this jacket won't cause any of the aforementioned issues.