Damn, Deluxe’s F/W 13 catalog has TWENTY THREE looks, which is professional as shit. Imagine if I had to make a lookbook. First, I’d be ambitious as fuck—3 locations MINIMUM. There'd be a behind-the-scenes photographer snapping mad B-roll for all the struggle bloggers who I didn't want to give the real exclusive first look shit to. AND OF COURSE WE GONNA DO VIDEO WITH SOFT PIANO MUSIC IN THE BACKGROUND WITH PROFILE SHOTS OF MODELS LOOKING DOWN THOUGHTFULLY AT SOMETHING OUT OF FRAME. But in reality, I’d end up waiting until a week before it was due and just shoot, like, five almost identical looks in front of a seamless and spend the next six days figuring out what the fuck curves and levels are and why I should care about them in Photoshop. It would be decidedly mediocre. And probably past due. But that's just how I roll, guys. Being wild late and generally unpredictable while on assignment is how you cultivate a reputation for being "talented, but quirky." Or, you know, how you cultivate a lifetime of unemployment.