"I mean, what you want me to say? We all understand there's a difference between the runway and the shit you wear in the streets, so of course you can't just do this whole look out there in the streets, but it looks like this whole look was to showcase the jacket, and that's what I'm all about. That jacket looks fucking amazing. That is just fucking crazy, so if that's what Tisci's starting to go into now, I can't imagine what the rest of his shit is going to look like, except that it should be very promising. He's not going nowhere no time soon.

"A lot of people thought it was like some fan shit last year, but it just seems like every year he's consistently unpredictable. So, it wins. As far as could I wear this whole thing on the street? No.

"Tight under shorts? I fucks with that. That's tight. I don't know if I could wear the printed tights, that's when it's getting a little too crazy, but maybe that's the next shit. To be honest, I could see it going that way.

"Now you know I can't rock with the sandals. That's just me. That's my personal preference, some people might like sandals, but I don't rock with the sandals. I think this look would've been more fire with some sneakers though. He was just showcasing the whole collection and its scheme, but some sneakers with that would've been fire. Throw some Jordans on cuz!"