"Mm-hm. My favorite, and you can see why. That's what I was just talking about with Alexander Wang—trying to be simple but still trying to be out there. This is what I mean, this is the perfect example of that. It's still simple but it's going all the way out there. This cat is just jumping off the box right now.

"So just, yes yes yes I want to look like that. I would love to be wearing this right now, just chillin'. What I mean by out there is when you walk in the room people are gonna know that's some baller shit. It's not like there's gonna be any ifs ands or maybes. You're walkin' in that motherfucker stylin'.

"We all know it's one of my favorite lines, and this show why. This dude is probably lookin' at some bitches callin' him cause he's so fly. That's why I'll never be a fashion designer, cause I can't think of shit like this. I just want to be the consumer, and know what's good, and spend my money on this shit."