Damir Doma's creations are not for the faint of heart, but any fan of the Croatian-born and now Paris-based designer will rejoice at the news that LN-CC will be stocking 50 re-issued garments from the eponymous brand's archives. The items for sale will span the designer's entire career, dating from the days when he was fresh from working under Raf Simons all the way up to AW12. 

LN-CC is no stranger to the work of Doma. Since the label's inception in 2007, the directional London boutique has subscribed to the work that has consistently challenged pre-accepted notions of a modern man's wardrobe. John Skelton, the head buyer and visionary of LN-CC, and his colleagues realized early on "that [Doma's] collections were undoubtedly going to be a key brand in the fashion landscape for years to come." 

The parallels between the Damir Doma brand and LN-CC are clear. Both utilize a juxtaposition of rough and refined to create unexpected and unprecedentedly unique results in the middle space of the two polarities. The natural partnership on this archival project is a result of six years of mutual admiration and respect, and provides a nice retrospective of the label's complete works as the brand reaches new heights (an A$AP Rocky lyrical shout-out certainly helped the brand gain attention).

LN-CC has worked on similar archival projects, but with better-established and more widely-recognized brands (do the names Raf Simons, Issey Miyake, or Yohji Yamamoto ring a bell?). Even so, Skelton explained that Doma's current progressive and bold works "make this a good time to reflect on some of the highlights through a comprehensive archive of what we consider to be some of the most iconic pieces Damir has produced to date." This is a remarkable opportunity for both new fans and Doma diehards to see the label's evolution in its short existence, and how it has paved the way for numerous brands that are still trying to achieve what Damir Doma was doing years ago.