Damien Hirst is most known for his pieces that involve preserving animals with formaldehyde in large display cases. Intrigued by Hirst as an artist and person, Jonathan Yeo painted this six-foot-tall portrait of the controversial artist in one of his own artworks. Hirst is portrayed sitting in the case wearing a dark chemical suit with a gas mask on his lap, but whether or not the tank is full or empty was left unclear by Hirst and Yeo.

The painting will be officially unveiled later this year at the National Portrait Gallery. The work will be collected, not sold, but if it had sold we doubt that it will hold a candle to the sale price of The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living (1991), Hirst's tiger shark tank work that pulled in between $8 million and 12 million dollars once upon a time.

[via Telegraph]

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