Beer is a universal social currency, but how many times have you actually bought something with beer? Remember that Alchemist video where he walks around and buys everything with a CD, well Australian bagmakers Crumpler is having a sale with a similar concept. Starting tomorrow, Wedneday, July 17 through Sunday, July 21, at its 45 Spring Street, SoHo, NYC location, Crumpler is offering select bags for 30 percent off, which is a pretty good deal. But even better, you don't have to pay cash for the bags—just beer.

Entitled "Beer for Bags," the brand is accepting beer as payment for its products—which will culminate in free beer for everyone at its exclusive closing night party on July 21. When was the last time a case of High Life got you anything other than a stay in the drunk tank, a rash, and a heavy dose of antibiotics? Now, it can give you the most reliable way to carry around your goods.

So, you'll get an awesome bag for pennies on the dollar, drink some great beer, and have an awesome time. Isn't this everything you wanted to happen this summer?