Scandinavia is an exciting place in fashion right now. The region has its own take on streetwear that strips hype pieces to down to a wearable minimum, while making exciting clothes that can be sported on a daily basis.

Copenhagen's Cityfellaz has a collection of patchwork button-up shirts, python-print crewneck sweatshirts, floral 5-panel caps, shorts that that don't suck, and lightweight outerwear options for its spring/summer 2013 collection.

The collection doesn't feature any "statement" pieces, but each garment stands out through the  freshness it lends—allowing the wearer to decide how they want to assemble the pieces; not pigeon-holing the clothes to any one look. If you're looking for streetwear gear that doesn't define you as a 17-year-old that waits in line for sneakers, then check the brand's website for a better look at the collection.