Cindy Crawford is something like a goddess in the modeling world. The supermodel walked in runway shows and fronted campaigns for many of the biggest fashion houses in the industry. Not to mention, she appeared in memorable Pepsi commercials and hosted MTV House of Style. America (and beyond) loved her, albeit maybe some more than others.

During her chat with The Edit, wherein she gives advice on how to get ahead in the fashion industry, she recalls a time when she was almost kidnapped. 

“I remember when I was about 21, I got in a car with someone in Paris. I thought it was a guy from my agency there to pick me up because he had a card with my name on it when I got off the plane. But then when I asked him questions, I realized he didn’t know anything. I guess someone had seen me getting on the plane and he turned up there. I waited until a stoplight and then jumped out of the car. When I saw that Liam Neeson movie [Taken] about a kidnap, I thought, ‘God, that could have been me’,” she told The Edit

[via Fashionista]