Chadwick Gray and Laura Spector make up art duo Chadwick & Spector. They recreate classic paintings on the human body. Although they collaborate on each work, Chadwick is usually the canvas and Laura does the incredibly detailed painting. Their series Museum Anatomy is astounding, with the historic works being displayed in an offset way on the body that catches your eye.

They explain on their website:

The artwork goes through a significant process until reaching the final outcome, a photograph of Chadwick, sometimes unrecognizable as a human form, with an elaborate, detailed painting covering a portion of his body. The recreated paintings of these historic portraits recapture the subjects in their own moment in history. The resulting photographs reveal a unification of art combining antiquity, history and technology in a contemporary context.

The series began as an exploration of classic art and the human form, untangling artworks and translating them into the language of the body. The outcome is truly astounding with elements of surrealism and enough creativity to inspire us all. The photos below are a bit freaky, but we love it.

[via ThisIsColossal]