This new bomber jacket from werewolf-loving designer Rick Owens features a super practical removable hood. I love jackets with packable and or/removable hoods for two reasons. One, I'm super indecisive stylistically when it comes to my lightweight outerwear fit choices, with this indecision often coming from a "hood" or "no hood" place, which this jacket clearly remedies. Two, should I find myself caught in a storm, at least I know I've got a hood, although, honestly, I'm not ever trying to leave my house in a $2,555 jacket, let alone purposefully step out into some inclement weather. You gotta love that this jacket has all the bells and whistles that help rationalize its ludicrous price tag—gold zippers, goose down padding and a very specific 52%/48% cotton-nylon construction—as if anyone could ever really be on the fence about purchasing a jacket this expensive.