Lord Yeezus refuses to stop attempting meaningful projects in the world of fashion. With A.P.C. KANYE now behind him, The New York Post (which, OK, we know, is the fucking New York Post) is reporting the new dad recently spent a week in Milan with "a team of top designers from hip brands including his pal Nicola Formichetti" prepping his third collection under the Kanye West label. The collection is rumored, for the first time, to include menswear as part of a 100-piece unisex line of clothing. For those unaware of West's previous forays into the world of high-fashion, his two prior womenswear collections (S/S 12, F/W 12) were shown at Paris Fashion Week to mixed reviews, with fashion critics such as Tim Blanks stating, "It's frustrating that someone who seems to almost effortlessly realize his vaulting musical ambitions comes up short elsewhere." Perhaps, now that West has had time to grow and bang out some basics, his menswear will live up to the artist's own absurdly high expectations of himself.