Holy cow. Beyoncé wears glitter and little else in her conceptual spread for Flaunt magazine. Although the photos see Beyonce wearing less than usual, it doesn't come off as too risqué. Photographer Tony Duran shot the spread in 2011 for her Year of 4 album campaign, but we're so glad the stunning images have finally emerged.

In the magazine, Beyonce dishes on topics she doesn't always talk about. The magazine asks her about getting lucky, her gay male fan base, and the notion of millenials being the me-me generation. Hear snippets of the interview below:

Flaunt: A picnic planner is hoping to get lucky with his/her picnic companion. What’s in the picnic basket?
Beyoncé: A cozy blanket, red wine, fruit, ’90s R&B playing on my iPod. I don’t think you need much else.

Flaunt: Gay men are drawn to you and empowered by you, as they have been to “gay icons” Judy Garland, Barbra Streisand, Cher, and Madonna. What is it about you, and those women, that gay men love?
Beyonce: I’m flattered if I’m in the company of those great women. I think they love that we are bold, unafraid to love, and flaunt our sexuality and strength.

 Millennials make up a huge part of your fan base. How do you feel about the media’s take on youth as the “me me me” generation, or a generation of “slack-tivists” [people who are activists online but not in the real world]?

Beyonce: At my concerts I see the opposite. They are engaged in making a difference. We have collected tons of donations that will go towards creating jobs and helping people get jobs. That’s something I want to celebrate. For Chime for Change we raised awareness and over $4 million in one day for equal rights for girls everywhere. So many people at that concert were young. They are more socially responsible than they get credit for. 

Read the full interview here.

[via MissInfo]