Streetwear can get boring after a while. When you're already up on the hottest collections of the season and in dire need of some freshness, it can be discouraging trying to find new brands. Even if you're boys with all the shop guys at your local boutique, there's only so much new shit arriving in stores each week. Which is why the Internet has been changing the game and encouraging young brands and designers not only to put more thought into their gear, but how to sell it.

Peddling wares primarily online means you don't have to deal with middlemen like stores and buyers, and you can even save the customer some cash because there's no retail markup. It's great for new start-up brands, and better for the people who discover them early—because once they blow up, chances are the prices will too. Get a headstart on the next big thing by looking at these 10 Online Streetwear Brands Worth Checking Out Right Now.

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