No one can get a hold of the notorious British street artist Banksy—until now, or so it seems. In an rare interview with Adult Swim, Banksy gives knock-out answers to the TV network's ridiculous questions, including queries on One Direction and The View. Banksy appears incognito, wearing a black hoodie with his voice distorted, so we're not sure if he's the real deal. The interview is pretty funny nonetheless. Adult Swim asks how Banksy would react if a mouse—one of the street artist's signature figures—covered him in graffiti while the Brit was sleeping. Banksy replies, "Yeah I'd be fucking furious. Fucking mouse Banksy wanker." Real or not, we'd love to imagine that this truly is Banksy's personality—a guy who eats Yoplait for breakfast and tells KAWS to "fuck off."

[via Highsnobiety]

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