Shopping online is so convenient, but you can get murdered on shipping fees, especially if you want it within a short's notice. Seriously, who want sto pay $17 to get a T-shirt in a day or two? No one, that's who.

ASOS is eliminating this dilemma all together. The British retailer, that sells brands such as Barbour, Huf, New Balance, and Stussy, is now offering a VIP program that will get you all your clothes delivered in two days or less—and it only costs $39 a year.

If you order two or three times per year (and we know you shop more frequently than that), the program has already paid for itself. Plus, you'll be privy to exclusive discounts, too.

“ASOS is all about creating an easy, seamless shopping experience for our customers, giving them the opportunity to buy the fashion they want, when and how they want it," Matt Hiscock, Senior Vice President, said.

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