Former Disney animators who brought us characters from Lion King, Aladdin, Mulan, and Beauty and the Beast, are brewing up a new kind of film. Aaron Blaise and Chuck Williams launched a Kickstarter for their film "Art Story," a computer animated movie about an 11-year-old boy named Walt and his grandfather. Throughout the film, the duo jumps into the canvases of iconic paintings and adventure through art history like Richard Tyler in The Pagemaster.

Walt and his grandfather bounce in and out of works of art, including Dali's Surreal creations, Picasso's Cubist canvases, and M.C. Escher's dizzying mazes. They come across characters like the apple-faced figure in Magritte's Son of Man and the gambling pups in C. M. Coolidge's Dogs Playing Poker. In their Kickstarter video, the creators explain the film's message: "Life is a blank canvas. Now go paint your masterpiece."

If Blaise and Williams reach their goal of $350,000, they will have enough money to complete the film's pitch. The final project is set to be realized in 2016.

Check out their Kickstarter pitch below:

[via The Wrap]