Andy Warhol's works have been on display in many different spaces, however Portuguese studio LIKEarchitects presented his art like never before. The architects created a temporary pop-up museum inside of a shopping mall in Lisbon. Instead of traditional white gallery walls, the museum space was made out of 1,500 aluminum cylindrical cans.

The temporary museum in Colombo Shopping Mall featured a great collection of 32 original artworks. It was on display for three months earlier this year, allowing visitors to navigate the maze and become engaged with Warhol's works in a new way. The architects were inspired by Warhol's famous Campbell’s Soup Cans work and they hoped to highlight the artist's exploration of consumerism with the maze.

Campbell’s Soup Cans is a well-known artwork that is based on the idea of sublimating everyday objects, regardless of their original function, and transforming them into tangible icons of collective imaginary,” Diogo Aguiar, architect at LIKEarchitects, said to Dezeen. “This premise by the artist was very important to our conception phase, when we had the idea of constructing a museum using familiar components, more specifically cylindrical cans.”

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[via Dezeen / DesignTaxi]